10 social media marketing tools in 2020


Social media is one of the best platforms today to promote brands, businesses or products. To increase visibility user can post more contents, posts about their businesses in different social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and more.

Social media marketing tools in 2020 are the best option to manage accounts on these platforms and it gives a lot of features to increase users content visibility.

Here are consistent top 10 social media marketing tools which can be used for managing social media platforms in 2020



Buffer social media tool which allows users to schedule their every upcoming post and post accordingly as per the scheduled timing. The application allows the user to give the same or different scheduled timing for different social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.


An analytical report offers you a wide range of information to monitor your content’s likes, retweets, favourites, searches, and shares.

The tool authorizes you to find your targeted audience, suggestions to improve your contents that strengthen your production values and sales.

Supported in android and ios platforms also you can download as a browser extension to utilize its features.



Many of us using Twitter, we can follow peoples, retweets posts, give favourite, and comment in the post. Using Manage Filter will deliberately change standard Twitter experience in all aspects like search, follow, unfollow, tweets, and activities.

Its standard search option is completely customized; filter option helps to manage your search based on the keywords, location, account’s age, and much more.

Follow and unfollow attributes provide more detailed options and filters to simplify your people search than the original platform. You

can unfollow people who don’t follow you back, date of following under 1000 accounts search in Manage filter platform.

You can schedule the post at any timing you want. The analytical report gets you to overview of accounts activity and many other features to improve your business.



An online tool helps to design magnified graphics, posters, presentation, infographics, business cards and much more. Lots of images and layouts updated day by day according to the requirements. Recently canva has added templates for ebook and resume as well.

Drag and drop interface has much cooler feature, all we have to do is to just drag the image we want to edit and drop on the work area. Some editing tools available can make your image look better, filter, tint, brightness and more. It is user-friendly and is not much complicated to use.



Zapier is an automated workflow tool that connects 1000+ apps to perform repetitive tasks. It has two different common terms to perform zap actions that are ‘trigger’ and ‘action’. In case if you want to download all Gmail attachments to Dropbox, you need to set zap to “set Gmail attachments to Dropbox”.

The function “set Gmail attachments to Dropbox” triggers the zap setting to perform its process. Now, zapier will download all the attachments automatically. Mail without attachments will not be saved until you set a zap to “set Gmail text to Dropbox”. To do more actions one or more zap can be assigned in the setting. Though it has its own program development and interface setting is complex, zapier is user-friendly.



To track multiple pages, communities, and groups in different social media platforms, Hootsuite is the best choice to manage and track social media performance. To manage customer service Hootsuite is one of the best tools.

Cross-platform supported in android and ios, it is easy to achieve all its goal and engagements through smartphones. Get analytical report by email, graphs show that number of click, geographical information, top referrers, and popular links.



In order to give quality content, finding a popular topic in social media where it gets more influencers attention is the more important step to generate your unique contents.

Buzzsumo is a specialized tool to find current popular topics in different social media platforms. Also shares information’s like where the topic gets more shares and how much attention it getting to reach that level. This valuable information allows users to monitor competitor’s contents to set up ahead in the quality competition.



DrumUp is a content search tool which searches an enormous number of content based on keywords and provides fresh contents. Scheduling option is available to share your contents in popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and more.

This application gives a suggested list of the hashtags to increase your brand visibility. If you have a blog; get access to share your blog content in all Social Media. This particular application is supported by platforms Android and Ios. It also has a Google extension which gives suggestions to schedule post or content when you visit another page when the extension is enabled.

DrumUp Monitor all of your engagements of all your linked social media by its analytical tool. Analytical interface easy to use and helps you to improve your performance to go along the further process.



Without a social media tool, one cannot find out exact real-time current trending topics. Rival Iq has a unique functionality of finding trending topics based on keywords and helps to generate own content.

Hashtag analysis used to figure out a competitor’s content level of reach helps to build up healthy completion by finding opponent marketing strategies in all social media. Gives you more access to find successful posts of your competitors, find outposts, likes, followers, and the average rate for the content.

This insight analytical tool commonly used to track down your competition level in the social media world.



If you want a magnified image to post in social media or want to get more likes or get more followers, Unsplash is the right choice to get an enormous number of images to use in all social media platforms.

The free account gives access to download 850,000 photos from various categories.

Browse required photos using a search filter option, the powerful tool suggests more matching results.

Free users can download more photos, even Shutterstock and Freepik have no such option.



Schedugram is a web-based tool to manage Instagram post and improve marketing. The main feature is to schedule posts previously and update later. Lots of benefits when you upload a post in Schedugram that you can upload the bulk of posts, filter option available to edit the post before upload, adds multiple Instagram accounts, no time limit for a scheduling option.

Once you schedule your post before it gets uploaded on time. Schedugram just asks for permission. And by clicking submit button scheduled post gets updated on Instagram. Although this application is used only for Instagram, it is quite useful to improve your marketing for Instagram.