High-Income Skills That You Can Learn In 2020

Among the highly engaging searched topics on Google, “What are the high-income skills” has been one of the most buzzing topic of all time.

When it comes to professional development, some things aren’t always clear and accurate.

Should you opt for technical skills or go with something that brings out the artistic prowess inside of you?

The answer to this question entirely depends on what rings your bell and how satisfied are you with the flow of the career after you hone the skill.

A recent report generated by WEF surveyed about 350 executives from 9 industries located in world’s 15 economically up scaling countries stated that the world today is being increasingly controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robots, and VR (Virtual Reality). Given this revelation, it is obvious that the high-income skills you flaunted years back are no longer relevant.


So, let’s look through some of the best and high-income skills in 2020.


1-Mobile Application Development Skills:

With the target audience rapidly moving towards the use of mobile devices for accessing internet services, it was only obvious that business owners would jump into the mobile platform from the desktop. Take a look at the smartphone or the tablet you own, its mobility, ease of use, and 24×7 availability makes it the preferred platform for internet use. This is where the mobile app development as a skill aids you to grab one of the high-income skills.

Pros with this skill from the IT sector flaunt expertise in the development of easily accessible applications designed for popular operating systems such as Android and iOS. The average salary scale for any individual with application development skill can range from $143,000 and $150,000 depending on the experience and service quality.


2-Data Visualization and Mining Skills:

With entrepreneurs turning into massive firms in time, there is always a need for highly skilled individuals that understand data visualization and mining. Businesses with a massive amount of data generated each day require access to individuals or teams that can easily transform these raw data chunks into an actionable form of information. This further aids in decision-making, strategy-setting, as well as the innovation of the brand.

Given the fact that it can make or break the brand, engineers with skills for data visualization and data mining are paid a good remuneration for the same. The average salary for a professional big data engineer with skills acquired from data mining and visualization is $155,500 which can increase depending on the years of experience in his/her portfolio. These engineers usually possess a computer science degree with expertise in databases and mathematics.


3-Market Analysis & Negotiation Skills:


Even with the technology taking over physical labour requirements, there are things that can never be replaced. With skills such as market analysis and negotiation, one can easily gain access to job profile such as real estate managers and brokers.

Dealing with properties and most of all selling them at the right price is something that requires years of practice and flexibility with changing trends. If you flaunt an organized approach with an eye for details, these skills set is something that will help you flaunt a handsome salary.

So, with high-income skills in 2020 such as negotiation and market analysis, you can easily acquire a median wage of $58,350 in the non-IT sector.


4-Critical Thinking Skills And Health Care Information:

health care

There is something about the medical sector that acquires the attention of a major faction of aspiring professionals. Health-care sector is something that will never go out of trend and building a skill-based career in this line will surely bring in good wages.

Health care sector always requires individuals with critical thinking for emergency situations with basic training to tackle situations in absence of the doctor.

With proper knowledge of the medical sector and completion of the basic degree, one can become a registered nurse make a median salary of $65,470 for starters. By the year 2022, the projected job creation for RNs has been estimated to be somewhere around 1,052,600. In order to work as a registered nurse, you need to bag yourself relevant associate’s degree that updates you with everything from health issues to patient care. Nursing is an awesome profession.


5-Aircraft Operations Degree with hand-eye coordination Skills:


As we enter the year 2020, the connectivity between different countries has increased in a surprising manner. Air travel might have lost the glamour it flaunted way back when airlines were limited but honing the skill of flying commercial pilots can be a lucrative job.

If aircraft Operations is something that you have studied during your graduation, you can easily bag a good job in the airline industry. Navigating and flying the fancy planes in private airports can get you a median salary going way above $71K.

This top-ranked option among the high-income skills is an exciting career option. With proper skill training, this particular career option in the upcoming years is set to bring 3000+ possible openings.

6-Analytical Skills with Mathematical Fluency:

information systems

As someone who looks forward to enter the airline industry, you need to be fast and skilled enough to enter this domain. If you are someone who has mathematical fluency with analytical skills, you can actually be skilled enough to monitor the air traffic. This particular career option can be a bit stressful and intense.

This is why air-traffic controllers get paid some of the most lucrative salaries. You are responsible for directing and monitoring the aircraft flying in the area. One can earn as much as $122,000 from this occupation. The training system for this job is highly rigorous and long-term. Your pay scale gets high as you get more experience.


7-Information Systems Security Management Skills:

Successful candidates opting for this popular choice among high-income skills need to possess a tech background in network and systems security. However, that isn’t just what you need to have a lucratively paying job. You need to have amazing leadership abilities and interpersonal skills.

Problem-solving and analytical skills serve as the key to enter this domain. With these skills, one can get a professional job as Information Systems Security Manager and need to be updated with the latest government regulations and security trends. These pros from the IT sector can earn an average salary starting with $139,000.

8-Networking and AI Research Skills:

Artificial Intelligence has been a point for focus for many popular companies such as Amazon, Google, and so on. This makes it obvious for the enterprises to focus on skilled professionals that can aid the perfection of this increasingly popular technology. With AI research and networking as a skill, one focuses on developing and researching new AI to publish these findings rather than actually implementing them in real life.

This research can stem from any of the industrial sectors which include advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles, or the IoT (Internet of Things). Researchers need to possess a PhD in computer science & machine learning. The pay scale ranges somewhere between $70,000 and $90,000.


9-Machine Learning and Coding Skills:


With masters in the computer science subject, the skill holders in Machine Learning technologies can acquire a good pay. To grab this popular option among the high-income skills in 2020, one needs to be an expert in deep learning, machine learning, as well as neural networks. Additionally, you also need to have strong skills in software development with the use of Python and C++. Verse yourself with the algorithms of machine learning and you can easily bag a permanent wage starting from $70,000.


10-Digital Marketing Skills:

digital marketing

If you aren’t living in a shell, you might be aware of the fact that every physical business has now moved to the digital platform to secure its set of the target audience which is the current millennial generation. Professionals with digital marketing management as skill are responsible for the creation of effective strategies to advertise a brand in the digital space.

The key responsibility of a digital marketer is to increase sales with the use of the digital platform. The skills needed by this profession include a proper understanding of SEO, SMM, Google Analytics, etc. The average pay for a digital marketer starts from $60,000.

Many professional today fear that technological advancements might one day take away their jobs. That might be the case for some industries but human skills are something that cannot be overpowered by machines. The key here is to stay updated with the latest introductions in the field of technology and start gathering and learning about future-tech as much as possible. Remember that change is inevitable and someone who keeps up with the changing pace will surely attain high paying jobs in the future.