#140 Experience Of a Real Estate Agent From Japan

Profession: Real Estate Agent

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Experience: 9 years


My Personal Experience: 

My passion for real estate started in college when I interned at a local property management firm. After graduation, I decided to pursue a career in the industry and obtained my real estate license. Joining a reputable agency in Tokyo, I embarked on a journey of learning and growth.

The initial phase was demanding, but my dedication and genuine interest in helping people find their ideal homes fueled my determination. Over the years, I have witnessed Tokyo’s property landscape evolve, presenting new challenges and opportunities.

Today, I am proud to have assisted numerous clients in finding their dream homes and guiding them through significant life decisions. Being a part of their journey and positively impacting their lives is the most fulfilling aspect of my profession.


The Hard part I feel about this profession as per my experience till now:

Becoming a successful real estate agent requires tenacity and an unwavering commitment to your clients. Establishing a trustworthy reputation in a highly competitive industry is one of the toughest challenges. As an agent, you must continually prove your worth to potential clients, showcasing your expertise and dedication to exceptional service.

In today’s digital age, keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing and social media is crucial. As a real estate agent, I must stay updated with the latest technological advancements and use various platforms to connect with potential buyers and sellers. The pressure to stay ahead can be daunting, but it has been an essential part of my growth as a professional.

Another obstacle is dealing with fluctuating property prices and market trends. Tokyo’s real estate market can be volatile, and being aware of these shifts is essential to guiding clients effectively. Sometimes, this involves dealing with anxious clients who may not fully grasp the complexities of the market, making effective communication and transparency essential skills.


Things I find interesting or feel “happy” about this profession are:

The world of real estate is exhilarating, and numerous aspects bring joy to my profession. Helping individuals and families find their perfect home is one of the most fulfilling aspects. Witnessing the joy and excitement on their faces when they discover a property that feels like a perfect fit is incredibly rewarding.

Moreover, as a real estate agent, I glimpse my client’s diverse lifestyles and cultures. Each property search presents an opportunity to learn about their preferences, aspirations, and unique stories. This aspect has broadened my horizons and enriched my understanding of the human experience.

I have also had the privilege of meeting remarkable individuals and forming strong bonds with fellow professionals in the industry. Collaborating with architects, developers, and other real estate agents has expanded my network and allowed me to exchange ideas that contribute to my growth as a professional.


Pros And Cons I feel about this profession:


  • The satisfaction of helping clients find their dream homes and witnessing their happiness.
  • The dynamic and ever-changing nature of the real estate market keeps me engaged.
  • Expanding my network and forming valuable connections within the industry.
  • The flexibility of working hours allows for a balanced personal and professional life.


  • The pressure to prove your credibility and stand out in a competitive industry.
  • Dealing with clients who may be apprehensive or anxious due to market uncertainties.
  • Balancing the workload during peak seasons can be challenging and stressful.
  • Negotiations and legal paperwork can be intricate, demanding thorough attention to detail.


My suggestions for newcomers in this profession:

I have some valuable advice for aspiring real estate agents based on my own experiences. First and foremost, invest time in obtaining the necessary qualifications and certifications to establish credibility. Networking is crucial in this field, so attend industry events and collaborate with other professionals to build a strong foundation.

Stay informed about the local property market and market trends, as this knowledge will be invaluable in assisting your clients. Always prioritize integrity and transparency when dealing with clients; trust is the foundation of successful relationships in the real estate industry.

Embrace technology and online marketing to reach a broader audience and showcase your expertise. Finally, never underestimate the power of effective communication – actively listen to your client’s needs, be responsive, and keep them informed throughout the process.


In conclusion, being a real estate agent is a gratifying journey filled with exciting challenges and unforgettable moments. If you are passionate about properties, enjoy connecting with people, and are ready to embrace a dynamic career, then this profession may be your calling. Remember, every step you take in this profession brings you closer to fulfilling your clients’ dreams and realising your own aspirations. Happy house hunting!



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