#27 Experience Of A Book Reviewer And Content writer!

Profession: Book reviewer and  content writer

Experience: 6 years and 2 months

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra, India


My Personal Experience: 

Being a kid from the military background, one thing that I was taught since my childhood was “you need to have one talent that will make the entire school recognize you”. We had to shift schools almost every two years because of my father’s postings. One thing that I enjoyed doing was public speaking and writing. That’s how I started writing initially I wrote for my school magazines, or I wrote a speech that I had to deliver during morning assembly. Another thing I had developed is a reading habit since I was five, so reading and writing used to go hand in hand. That’s how I got into this world of “content writing.”

Professionally I got into all of this was during the time when I was preparing for my 12th boards. I came across a website that would accept reviews for beauty product, and they would pay around 200 to 300 for an article, I used to make my mum use the products ask her views and then write the reviews and send it to the website. Then slowly, I started building up my blog because I wanted to share my love for books with everyone. But to achieve all this, you need to be constant. I had given up writing for two years, and I have not updated my blog from past one year. I am telling this out of my experience that once you lose touch with writing bringing it back is going to be tough. So try to write at least 4/5 lines daily before going to bed. In that way, you will always stay in touch with your creative part.


The Hard part I feel about this profession as per my experience till now is: 

Every profession comes with its pros and cons. When I started writing the pay was very low and the demands were high. A lot of people are trying to bring the changes but, one thing that the employers don’t realise is that like them even the writers have to pay their bills. Secondly is writing a blog, it is an inevitable thing, but everyone needs to find ways to come over it.
I mean these are the only things that I have faced till now.


Things one might find interesting or feel “happy” about this profession are: 

The best part about this profession is you get to be creative in writing and get to learn every day. I remember when I started writing news, the best part was that I was in touch with the world I was learning and improving as a person.Trust me when I say this, but writing is something that will help you in evolving as a person every day.


Pros I feel about this profession are :

One major pro about content writing is your increasing command over the language, because once your grip over the language tightens you can write about anything and everything. Professionally when I started writing, I started as a reviewer. One trait that a reviewer has to have is analyzing everything critically, so if you are planning to be a reviewer, learn how to examine everything critically. You will learn a lot by adopting this trait. content writing is a win-win situation for a lot of people, majority of the companies or websites look for ghostwriters, and these works are usually done from home, so if you are someone who cannot go to an office for work or you are a student like me who wants to work while studying. you can definitely opt for content writing.


Cons you feel about this profession are :

One Major con is that the employer doesn’t understand the effort a writer has to put in writing an article. For example, a person emailed me and asked me to write an essay in about 1000 words, and they were ready to pay me 100 rupees for it. Another con is finding reliable companies, thrice I have experienced this that the company or the employer after receiving the article will stop responding to your calls and messages. So before you sign up with a company, make sure that you have a contract in your hand. Secondly, make your parents or your elder sibling read the agreement. So that they if there are any hidden clauses you will at least get to know about them, and then you can work on them as per your own choice.


What are your suggestions for those who would like to make a career in this profession?

a) Learn to experiment and try to write one article on a topic in which you are not comfortable. This way, you will be able to learn daily.

b) Don’t push yourself if you cannot write more than 5 to 6 articles don.t write because your quality will start to falter and that is not a good sign

c) Never let anyone undermine your worth and your work.

D) Make sure to read the contract not once but twice, and when you are comfortable with it then sign up.


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