#17 Experience Of A Blogger!

Profession: Blogging

Experience: 3 months

Location: Europe, Portugal, Lisbon


What inspired you to start your own blog?

First was one of my female friends that said that I should make a blog so, one year later … I started to have my “health” problem again … I am bipolar, and I need something to calm down my emotions so I thought ” why not?Let’s try it ” and here I am.

I just start looking and imagine ‘how do I want to be looked’ in the eyes of my blog visitors. Of course, this will be at my image but, I started to see some other blogs and tried to do my own thing … But I had help from one person.


What is the hard part you feel when you write different posts on your blog?

 Probably, to show me at the beginning and make people visit, and follow. Because I have my own vision of the subjects that I write and people probably sometimes don’t feel connected with me


Is it important to provide rich and quality content on your blog for the readers? How you make it possible?

Yes, because people are always looking for information and some example for some subject. I just try to be genuine in all the things that I write even when I feel less comfortable with the theme


What are the interesting things you find out about blogging till now?

1) I know myself better now.

2)Things that I like.

3)And better is the possibility to connect with people from some other countries … I found now 3 people that I’m really glad to know them.


What are those feedbacks from your blog readers that motivates you?

 Comments like, “I can see that you are feeling your words”,” your outfit is really nice, I will try it”

Feel the connection with the readers.


How you come up with the name of your blog as ” My Gentleman Side”?

  I always like the clássic side of the outfit, but never wear in young because people would not understand .. And there is a lady who told me  “you have manners like a gentleman. Why you don’t wear like one?”


What are your suggestions for those who would like to start blogging?

Find something that is meaningful to you. Ask for genuine feedback from multiple people, be genuine and humble with your work, work hard and focus on the positive vibes even if you are not in the good mood when you are working on the blog.


What is the current scenario of bloggers these days? 

I think some have problems because you have so many choices at the subjects …that sometimes people probably say “another fashion blogger” I think maybe affect some new bloggers.

I think this interview will help me a bit because will show another public my point of view about blogging and I feel thankful for giving me that opportunity.


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