#4 Experience Of An Engineering Graduate!

Profession: Engineering Graduate

Experience: graduated 6 months ago

Location:  Banglore,India


My Personal Experience :

I think it is an excellent field, most memorable part of life which can’t be described in words. There are few phase which an engineering student definitely face during its graduation

First Year: At the end of the first year, a student should have a good idea about a first choice major and an alternate major.

Second & Third Years: During the second and third years, a student will move from foundational math and science courses into their engineering coursework.

These courses are challenging but should also be exciting, since a student is learning about concepts within his/her intended discipline and career field.Student should also be exploring co-curricular opportunities connected to his/her future plans, such as co-ops and internship, research opportunities, or preparing for graduate exams.

Final Year : During the final year student will be taking advanced coursework directly connected to employment in an engineering career. Student will likely experience a combination of excitement and stress as graduation approaches and the time after graduation becomes a reality. For students without defined post-graduation plans, this can be a scary transition.


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