#16 Experience Of A Teacher!

Profession: Teaching

Experience: 2 Years

Location: India, Uttar Pradesh, Rampur


Things one might find interesting or feel “happy” about this profession are : 

This is an amazing profession as you not only teach but also learn a lot. Besides, you feel satisfied as you contribute your skills and hard work in shaping the future of your students and ultimately serve the nation.

One of the most interesting things in this profession is you spend enough time with the children of different ages and from different backgrounds, talk to them and learn to enjoy your life with innocent replies given by them.


Pros And Cons which I feel about this profession are:

There is nothing bad about this profession, this is the best profession in the world. Although, some naughty or weak students make it a little annoying for you. But with a little patience and right use of skills, you can handle them. They play a good role in enhancing your skills & knowledge and increase the level of your patience. You have to act wisely to fulfil your responsibilities.

A good teacher is a role model for students. He needs to be responsible enough as he shapes the future of his students. Besides teaching them a particular subject of their class, a good teacher also teaches them other aspects of life such as moral values, good behaviour, duties of a human being, etc. To sum up, a good teacher makes a good human being. So, the hard part that I feel about this profession is responsibility.


What my personal experience says about this profession: 

I wanted to become a doctor when I was a child. But because of the financial crisis, I had to leave my dream in the middle and my destiny took me to the path where I could become a teacher. After becoming a teacher, I realized that whatever happens, happens for our betterment.

Now, I’m satisfied and happy. Some people think it inferior, but, I would say this is the most honourable profession in the world. It always feels great when we see our students become successful. I have learned many things throughout this journey.

I would say people to accept what they have in their life and make it their strength. People always try to demotivate but we should only focus on our motive. And, we should use our skills, talent, and knowledge to teach people who actually need it. By doing this, you’ll really feel your life meaningful.

For the students, I would say always respect your teachers and be thankful to them as they are the reason for what you are and what you have today. I thank all my teachers who put their efforts into making me what I am today.

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