#21 Experience Of A Photographer !

Profession: Photography

Experience: 1 Year

Location: India, Indore


I am a beginner photographer, but have a good composition and framing knowledge.


The Hard part i feel about this profession as per my experience till now is :

Knowledge of framing. Initially the major problem which i faced was the composition and frame. Every skill needs time to develop .


Things one might find interesting or feel “happy” about this profession is :

You can capture the whole world in a small device. When you click the images what you exactly want , its makes you happy , but its only possible if you had mastered your skill.


Pros And Cons which i feel about this profession are :

Photography makes you aware about your surrounding  and helps you to be active .

For the beginners ,its too hard to find the correct frame and composition, this is the reason why some beginners quit.

The best part is , you can capture whatever you want in a fraction of second and can keep it with you lifelong.


What my personal experience says about this profession :

Each and every skill needs time to develop , you cannot master a skill overnight. Work hard ,take as much photos you can .

Its too hard to find subjects and frames first, and then when it comes to a routine , its a fun.


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